cottontrick06_7060142_sq_thumb_mKAMARR is a HUGE hit with kids. Parents and teachers love his fun filled, educational, wholesome routines, which keep the kids mesmerized and entertained.  Is there a special message you would like KAMARR to bring to the children? He can custom tailor tricks to make sure the theme of your event is communicated.


Kids love to be a part of the act! there is plenty of opportunity for the children to assist KAMARR, earning them a certificate, an autograph and often small gifts and take-away prizes. Any willing birthday boy or Batmitzvah girl of honor will be the star of the show, helping the magician and getting lots of attention.

KAMARR has worked in numerous schools all over the area, as well as children’s hospitals, private parties, day care and after school centers.

Some of the camps that love KAMARR are:

Chalet hotel, Camp Teminah, Camp Ohr Shagra, Temple Shalom, Camp Nashapa, Camp Point o” Pine, Young Israeel of brighton Beach, Chaim Day camp, Chabad Lubavitch, Sara Rivka Bausk, Temple Beth El, Congregation Sons of Israel, Yeshiva Beth Hillel, Farside Bungalow, Masores Bais, Yaakov Mashadi Youth, Ahaba Ve Ahva, bais Esther, Chayei Sura, Camp Sura, Shalva, Jila, Bnos yakov, Kislak, Rayim, Shemesh, Iba, Bnos Zion of Bobov, Bais Frima, Shira, Emunah, Romimu, Shane, YMHA of NJ, Hebrew Academy for Special children, Bobover Yeshiva, Yeshiva Shearith Hapletah’BA, Ohr Haemeth, Chayesura Div., Homowack, Shulameth School for girls, and more

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