How much does a magic show cost?

Call for pricing for standard shows. Keep in mind that KAMARR can work within your budget to create a custom tailored show from 10 minutes to 45 minutes or more. You CAN afford to have KAMARR perform for you!  Variables that can impact pricing include distance, length of show required, holidays, and any special needs or requests you might have. KAMARR can work in any environment, for any audience and has a variety of magic to suit any event.

Is KAMARR available for movies or TV? What else can KAMARR do?

KAMARR is also an actor! He has appeared in many films with stars such as Dustin Hoffman, George Clooney, Robert Downey, Jr. and Woody Allen.

No stranger to television, he has had numerous parts in televisions shows, most recently  Damages with Glen Close and of course has appeared as a guest on shows with Regis Philbin, Joe Franklin, to name a few, broadcast shows such as Good Morning America, Live at 5, and of course, over 40 times on David Letterman.

KAMARR is also a wonderful MC for trade shows, corporate events and private parties. He speaks fluent Greek as well as English and is a perfect host for Greek/American events.

As an expert in all things magic, KAMARR is the perfect choice when you need a magic consultant. KAMARR can help you create the perfect effect for your next show or production.

Can KAMARR do ANY kind of magic?

From sleight of hand/close-up magic with cards and coins,  death defying escapes, fire-eating and mind-boggling ESP mentalism, to a polished award winning dove routine and illusion act, KAMARR is a seasoned expert in all things magic. He is as comfortable strolling from table to table performing tricks for a few persons at a time as he is performing huge stage shows in theaters and on fairgrounds. He also loves the camera and is at ease on TV and film.  KAMARR can do it all. (Of course the magic we speak of is all trickery and illusion, sleight of hand and misdirection; the black arts hold no place in KAMARR’S show.)

How did he DO that??

Very carefully! Seriously, a magician can never reveal his secret!

It takes years of practice and diligence to perfect any magic routine. Magic is a fascinating science and it is quite fun to figure out how the tricks are done. The point of magic however, is to be amazed at how well the magician can fool you, and once the trick’s secret is revealed, that fun is spoiled. Let yourself be amazed!

How can I learn magic?

Ask KAMARR! KAMARR has simple tricks with him for purchase at every show that anyone can learn to do to amaze their friends. He will demonstrate the tricks and answer any questions you might have.  Keep checking this website for free magic tricks you can download, tricks you can buy, and the soon to be released  LEARN MAGIC with KAMARR dvd.

Can I have an autograph?

Absolutely. Send your name, address and instructions to KAMARR at PO Box 656 Times Square Station, NY, NY 10108. Please wait a few weeks for delivery.

What is David Letterman like?

David Letterman is a super talented and gracious person. He has a great sense of humor both on and off set, as well as a very high intellect. He is always a gentleman and it has been a pleasure to be a part of such an iconic show for so many years.

Why is he called the Discount Magician and is he affiliated with Kmart?

KAMARR the Discount Magician was a play on the names KAMARR and Kmart that David Letterman thought up so people would remember KAMARR’S name. It does not have anything to do with the costs associated with hiring KAMARR and does not imply any affiliation with Kmart stores. Many have suggested, however  that KAMARR and Kmart would be a great pairing. We agree! KAMARR would be thrilled to act as a spokesperson or representative of Kmart or create a line of magic sets for Kmart stores.

Does KAMARR use volunteers in his show? Is it dangerous or embarrassing?

KAMARR loves to include his audience as much as possible in his shows. No skill is required to help on stage, nothing is pre-arranged, there is nothing to practice, learn or remember. Although some tricks may include elements such as knives or fire, KAMARR’s tricks are safe and never pose a threat to the venue, audience or volunteer.

If there is a person of honor or birthday child at your event, let KAMARR know. KAMARR will make the special person a part of the show.

Volunteers also may receive a certificate and small thank you gifts.

How do you get to be on stage? Raise your hand when he asks for a volunteer. You might be the lucky one he calls to the stage!

How can I contact KAMARR?

Contact KAMARR at:

PO Box 656

Times Square Station

NY, NY 10108